Mini Bus Hire and Taxis Covering Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Surrounding Areas

Private Hire Vehicles must be pre-booked through a Private Hire operator. Failure to book in advance may lead to the driver, the vehicle and the passengers being uninsured. Private Hire Vehicles cannot be hailed or flagged down under any circumstances.

Private Hire Vehicles usually carry four passengers, though some, for instance people carriers-can take more.

The Borough Council does not control Private Hire Charges. The fares are based on mileage and are calculated by the operator. You should agree the fare with the operator when booking the vehicle.

All drivers are licensed by the Local Licensing Authority; their vehicles have undergone and passed stringent tests for roadworthiness.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a cause for complaint about a licence holder, you may choose to take up your complaint with the driver direct or alternatively take note of the drivers name and badge number, vehicle plate number and/or vehicle registration and contact us in writing.

  • Private hire vehicles are not permitted to ply for hire or wait in the street; a private hire vehicle must be pre-booked.
  • Un-marked limousines have to be registered with the Chauffeurs Guild.

The operator must keep a record of all bookings.
All Private Hire vehicles must be insured to carry passengers for Hire & Reward. Accepting a journey in a vehicle off the street, unbooked, could invalidate the vehicles insurance.

Chauffeur drivers are members of the Chauffeurs Guild and the limousine style cars have a plate and sticker exemption from Tunbridge Wells borough council. They must carry the plate and exemption certificate in the car but dose not have to be on display.